Participation in this initiative could take any number of forms but here is what we are suggesting you consider:

1. Designate this Thursday (April 2, 2020), and each Thursday hereafter until further notice, as a day of prayer and fasting in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis.

2. On Thursdays invite your congregation, your denomination/network, or all the churches in your city/town/region to pray corporately together in some form using whatever means you are already using to connect with one another (video conference, email, etc.). We will attempt to provide a prayer guide each Wednesday that you may choose to use as a guide. 

3. Each Thursday (starting this Thursday, April 2) at noon the Aaron Ministries Network will host a 45 minute prayer call on Zoom. Meeting ID 460-353-1686. Anyone with a heart to pray for our nation and province at this time is invited to attend the call.